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No web page is complete without the About Us page. Maybe this page should be called the ABOUT ME page but we'll stick with the industry norms for this one. 

Anyways here is some info about myself to help you get to know me a little bit. I've also got a podcast and video down below where I give some of my back story.


In summary I am a former bricklayer who is now a successful property investor with a €22 million property portfolio. I am also Ireland's top business mentor for tradesmen and the construction industry. To date I have mentored over 3,000 business owners & aspiring property investors. I have reached over 3 million people all over Ireland and the UK with my business and investment mentorship and teachings.


I have written a book called The Tradesman's Survival Guide which documents the step by step approach tradesmen need to take if the want to go from busy tradesman to successful business owner. In February 2024 my book became a best seller on Amazon in the Mentoring & Coaching category.

I come from Clondalkin in Dublin and my plan is to grow a €100 million property business in Ireland over the next few years.

All of my business & property mentorship programs are based entirely on how I run my own business and how I managed to go from a bricklayer on the trowel to one of the biggest (if not the biggest) private landlords in West Dublin.

I'll let you check out the podcast or video below which details my entire journey from making millions to losing it in the recession and then earning it back again.

If you want to make more money in your business or if you just feel you have lost your way a little bit I would suggest you reach out and introduce yourself you can catch me on

It's a proven fact, if you make friends with me you are going to make more money simple as that.

Thanks for dropping by my website

See You At The Top


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