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Customer Care

I like to ensure the best quality customer care available to all my clients.

If you have purchased a program or training product from myself directly, via my website or through one of my sales team and for any reason you are not completely satisfied with it please feel free to contact me directly on and I will get back to you at the earliest priority. If the matter is more urgent you can contact the applicable team leader on his contact number below.

Refund Policy

I offer a full 100% money back guarantee to all clients who make a purchase of any product and are not entirely satisfied with this product. This guarantee is conditional on you, as the client having implemented the strategies discussed in the training program and it will be necessary to demonstrate that you have done so before we can consider a refund. My programs are not a substitute for putting in the work and they will not work unless you do !!

Change of mind after purchase.

If you have changed your mind after making a purchase with ourselves or booking on to a training program, or the timing does not suit you to participate in the training or mentorship we will absolutely without question cease your participation in the program and allow you to use the money towards another online program in the future.

In a situation where there is a change of mind, we do not offer cash refunds only credits for future purchases.  In the event of a purchase of an in-person event we do not offer refunds or credit if you cannot attend.

In the event of non completion of any original  agreement all bonuses which may have been availed of will be charged for at the applicable rate.


If you have paid for a program you will have received and invoice from our company, this will appear from Emerald Project Management Ltd. In the event of you not being able to locate your invoice please check spam and if no luck there send and email to

Cooling Off Period

Cooling off period does not apply to any of our products.

Verification of team members.

Darren Morris is our team leader based in our Dublin office for all business mentorship services. 

Alan McDonald is our course co-ordinator and is also based in our Dublin office.

Leon Hurley works in our sales team, and is based  in our Dublin office,

his numbers are: 085 194 3722 +447721735837

Sam Eydan works in our sales team, and is based in our Dublin office,

his numbers are 0874827279 +447918045402

Mohammed Garasia, based in London, deals with our UK clients, his number is +447719609384


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