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Property Investing Course

Are you an aspiring property investor?


To help aspiring property investors and first-time buyers acquire the knowledge needed to make a start in the property world I have created a property investing course that I wish existed when I was starting off many years ago.


I created a property investing course called PROPERTY BASICS 101. This is a series of more than 100 short training videos that cover every aspect of property investing from sourcing deals, to raising finance, taxation, mortgage application, where to buy your property and much much more. 

There is no other course in existence today that is more applicable to the Irish property market. All of the content contained in this course comes from the knowledge and experience I have gained from being in the game for more than 15 years.

My advice to you is if you are thinking about making a

start on your Irish property investing journey the best thing

you could do is get access to my PROPERTY BASICS 101

course and learn from someone who has learned his

craft from doing deals in the exact manner that

you now want to do.

When you secure your access to the program you

will be permitted to my video vault where there are

over 100 training video's. Access is granted for

12 months and you will be entitled to FREE updates

to take in to account the new content that we

upload to our vault within that



PROPERTY BASCIS 101 is just that, in that it is a program specifically designed for the aspiring property investor that wants to get going but is just unsure of where and how to start. Full price on the PROPERTY BASICS 101 is €950 but is now currently on sale at a super low price for a limited time only.


Topics covered in PROPERTY BASICS 101 include

1.) Why invest in property ?

2.) Raising Finance

3.) Finding Deals

4.) Dealing with sellers

5.) Dealing with tenants

6.) Due Diligence

7.) Tax On Property

8.) Property Basics

9.) Different types of deals

10.) What to look out for 

11.) What to avoid

12.) Choosing the right deal for you

13.) Company ownership vs. Personal Ownership

14.) Leases, what's legal and what's not

15.) The sales process, how it works

16.) How to do deals and get all of your money back out

17.) Dealing with the RTB


If you are a higher net worth individual click here

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