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Higher Net Worth Individuals

Are you a Higher Net Worth Individual ?

Have you been around the block but now its time to take things to the next level ?

Are the people who you are already connected with just a little too close to ask them for guidance or advice ?

As an investor it is always worthwhile to have a mentor or support network that is not related or connected to you personally in any way. The mentor is there, for you to turn to, and give you perspective and guidance with key decisions to help you strategically drive the growth of your portfolio.

For a select number of clients I provide a one2one mentorship and support service to help them take their investments to the next level. My one2one mentorship is by application only and subject to meeting at least one of the requirements as set out below:


  1. Liquid cash of €1million in an Irish Bank Account.

  2. Have carried out at least 5 property purchases in Ireland to date.

  3. Owner of company doing turnover of at least €1.5m per annum.


My one2one mentorship involves monthly meetings either in person or over zoom backed up by regular email support.


The one2one mentorship role typically suits an individual who recognises the value of having someone on their team who’s only vested interest is to ensure that they as the client hit their goals and achieve their investment objectives.


My Team Is Your Team

As part of my one2one mentorship the client gets access to all of my team in addition to getting access  directly to myself. Depending on what area you require some guidance and expertise in, we can connect you with our team of brokers, solicitors, agents, contractors etc.

The main benefit of becoming a one2one client of mine is that you get to see and ask at all times.


What would Joe do in this situation?’


If you feel that a one2one mentorship may be of benefit to yourself please do get in contact and we will be happy to arrange a phone call.

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