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Business Mentor

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Most of the work I do online relates specifically to my business mentorship service that I provide for tradesmen and construction workers. Every part of my business mentorship program is based on my own experiences from real life scenarios. The entire basis of my mentorship is based on getting business owners to the point where they can a clear profit of €500 per day (and YES that is after your own wage). 

When I mention that my program is based on getting people to €500 per day, it usually divides people in to 3 camps.

  • 1.) Those who don't believe they will ever be able to make €500 per day.

  • 2.) Those who say they will be losing money at €500 per day.

  • 3.) Those who know they can make €500 per day and have done on occasion, but struggle to hit this target consistently.

If your train of thought is the same as No.1 above I would recommend you get access to my FREE 7 DAY BUSINESS SAMPLER program and just wait til you see what happens over the 7 days.

If your train of thought is the same as No.2 above, I would say to check your bank account and if you don't have €10,000 in your bank for every month you

are claiming to make €500 per day (€500 per day x 20 days = €10,000 per month) well

then I hate to break it to you but you aren't making a profit of €500 per day. You might be doing €500 profit some days, or you might be turning over €500 per day. But you ain't making a profit of €500 every day. Either way it's all positive and we can show you how to improve that without too much difficulty and you should start off with getting access to the FREE 7 DAY BUSINESS SAMPLER.

If your train of thought is the same as No.3 in that you are hitting €500 some days but not every day. We can show you how to improve the systems and operations of your business so that hitting the €500 target becomes a lot easier and a lot more frequent. 

Again I would suggest that you start off by getting access of the FREE 7 DAY BUSINESS SAMPLER.









If you aren't aware of my story, basically I served my time as a bricklayer before setting up a building business that specialised in 'Insurance Based Property Repairs'. I was with this company for 10 years and we carried out approximately €10million worth of repairs at that time. After the 10 years in the building business I decided to leave to focus fully on my property portfolio.


At all times when I was running my business I was doing a few property deals on the side. I left the building company with a property portfolio of approx €7 million in value which was all funded by the business and eventually it started to fund itself, so at that point it was time for me to pack in the building game and become a full time property investor.

At all times while I was involved in the building game I kept my cards close to my chest and never really spoke or shared how I managed to do so much works and accumulate such a decent property portfolio, to be honest I thought every small builder was doing exactly what I was doing.

However, after I left the building company I informally started sharing some of my experiences and knowledge with tradesmen and lads that I knew. These guys then started to make more money in their own businesses as a result of our chats. For me it was very rewarding when I seen lads making more money than ever purely as a result of the input they allowed me to have in to their business.

Over the next few years I began to document everything that I had done that allowed me to go from bricklayer to builder to business owner to property investor.

I now have this put together in a program format that consists of hundreds or hours of videos, document templates and contracts, phone calls with myself and accountability sessions. All this information is compiled in a program called 52 STEPS TO A BETTER BUSINESS.


To date over 1,000 tradesmen have gone through this program and has given them a deeper understanding of how to run their business in a manner that allows them to make far more profits than they were making before. If the 52STEPS is something that you feel you might be interested in I would suggest that you make a start by getting access to my 7 DAY FREE BUSINESS SAMPLER and you can see what it’s about.






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