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Self-employed with a small crew and lacking a bit of confidence?

If you’re a self-employed tradesman and you’re running a small crew, sometimes you might find yourself in a position where you’re lacking a little bit of confidence. That’s ok but I want to make you very aware of something.

If you’re self-employed, you are an entrepreneur and in most business transactions of any reasonable level, you’re going to need an accountant, you may need a solicitor and you might need a bank involved too.

So these are the 3 professions that you need to have on side and if you’re like me and you come from a trades background and you’re used to wearing snickers gear all your life and you find yourself in a meeting with guys who are suited and booted up to the nines, sometimes you might find yourself feeling a little bit uncomfortable.

But let me explain something to you:

The most important person in any business transaction is not the solicitor, it’s not the accountant, and it’s not the banker. It’s the entrepreneur, because the entrepreneur is the deal maker.

He’s the guy who corrals these different professionals, brings the deal to the table and makes the magic happen. As an entrepreneur, my job is to go out there and spot opportunities that other people can’t spot.

So when you’re sitting down and you’re having a conversation with a solicitor, an accountant, or anybody else that’s an advisor, be very clear about something, they’re there to advise you and you’re there to instruct them. So remember this:

You are the most important person in that room and you are the most important person in that entire arrangement.

Think about it. Let’s just say we took a solicitor out of that equation. We’d just bring in another solicitor. Or let’s say we took the accountant out of the equation. We’d just bring in another accountant. Or let’s say we took the investor, the banker, the financier, or whatever term you want to use out of the equation. We’d just bring someone else in.

Now let’s say we took the entrepreneur out of the equation.

What happens then?

The deal is dead in the water.

All too often I see lads who are very good at what they do, great with their hands. They build a solid business, build a team, and create something.

But they just lack a little bit of confidence when it comes to the corporate side of things.

Don’t worry guys, it’s not the end of the world, but remember this:

You are more important in that equation than you give yourself credit for and you need to recognise that at the earliest possible opportunity.

I’ve put together a short YouTube video talking about this.

It’s well worth a watch

You can check it out the link below

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