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When to hire a Business Mentor for your painting business

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Are you a painter and are you not getting the results in business that you want to get? Because if that is the case, maybe, just maybe, you need to hire a business mentor.

You need to hire someone who can help you become more of a business owner and less of a tradesman. I’ve been a business mentor for tradesmen for over 6 years and we have put over 2700 tradesmen through our business mentorship program. It’s very effective, and it’s specifically for tradesmen, sole traders, painters and guys who are not yet making a clear and absolute profit of €500 per day.

So what we mean by that is:

If you’re already turning over millions of euro, maybe our program won’t be as effective for you as it would be if you’re struggling to get your 1st 100k in the bank. That’s our specialist area.

We have a couple of clients who do a few million euro turnover per year, but our primary aim is to contact painters, tradesmen and people who are in the construction space, but who are not hitting that target.

But this article is specifically for painters because there is a daily common theme that happens with painters. In a lot of instances, the DIY person is weighing up whether he should paint the house himself on the weekend, or get the painter in.

And as you know and I know, this DIY superhero, he never really actually gets anything done. And if he gets it done, he never really gets it done to the standard that a professional painter would.

So that is the area where the typical painter is competing with, and the way he handles that is that he needs to become a specialist. He needs to become a specialist in 1 particular area.

So if you’re a tradesman and you’re a painter, yeah you’re a tradesman whose speciality is painting, but that’s not enough, if you’re a painter, you need to specialize in 1 thing that’s more specific than just being a painter.

Now the way it works with ourselves is:

If somebody wants to hire us to help them improve their business, we run a 21 day business mentorship program. This is called the 21 day turnaround and currently costs €295, so it’s a small amount of money.

And in those 21 days, we show them the difference between being a business owner, and being a tradesman that has now just been landed with a business. Because there’s a big difference. Most tradesmen and most painters do not have a business, they have a job that they own.

So my advice to yourself is:

If you are a painter and you are not yet making the money that you want to make, you need to be aware of something:

There is always an easier way and the chances are that you just need to learn a new system.

Our system is called the make-or-break operating system, and that’s what we teach on our 21 day program. We help lads unlock the piece to get from where they are to where they want to be.

So if you’re a painter and you are not getting the results you want, you should strongly consider hiring a business mentor for your painting business.

Send us a DM, drop us an email, get in touch and we will show you what we can do to help you out

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